Ofsted Quoted:

“Staff provide a wide variety of experiences for the children and demonstrate that they have a secure knowledge and understanding of how children learn. They have high expectations for the children and demonstrate a good knowledge of each child and how to engage and motivate them.”

“All children enjoy vibrant and well-planned educational programmes and are valued for their individual uniqueness. The quality of teaching is very good, based on precise assessments of each child. These are monitored by the room leaders and management team to ensure they are used effectively to support each child's learning and development. Staff complete the progress check at age two years, when required and provide parents with a written summary. This reassures parents that their children are meeting their developmental milestones and ensures they have the opportunity to support their child's learning at home.”

“The safety of children is paramount for staff and they have implemented numerous systems to keep children safe and for children to learn to keep themselves safe. For example, gentle reminders, stop signs to encourage children to wait for an adult and a coloured circle to make lining up fun. As a result, children know to wait at the stairs and hold the hand rail as they walk up and down the stairs to prevent an accident. In addition, planned activities, including visits from the local fire fighters and regular evacuation practices, further contribute to children's understanding of being safe. Staff are excellent role models and manage children's behaviour sensitively. Therefore, children are extremely well behaved and are learning to respect themselves and each other.”

The Fire Station day nursery has been operating since 2009. These quotes are from Ofsted latest report 2013. Ofsted findings are that we are achieving GOOD (2) in all aspects of our childcare provision.

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