Ofsted Quoted:

“Staff know individual children well. They make accurate assessments of children's progress and identify next steps for children's individual development. They use these to close any potential gaps in children's learning.”

“Staff join in with children's play. They sing favourite songs, ask questions and support their language and thinking skills. There is a good range of sensory activities for children, in addition to a dedicated sensory room. For example, babies explore the textures of leaves and the sounds of shakers. Toddlers enjoy investigating using sand and water, they name different animals and copy animal sounds with joy. Older children enjoy talking about healthy food and they make pretend carrots using playdough, and compare the different sizes and shapes.”

“Children are happy and settled and demonstrate a sense of belonging. They follow the daily routines with confidence. Children thoroughly enjoy developing their strength, balance and coordination in the soft play area and have regular opportunities for playing outdoors..

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